Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Lady and Her Litterbox

It’s me again Queen BeBe…Just another day in the animal clinic I like to call home.  You know some days when my morning starts off a little slow I don’t reach for my coffee the way these humans do to get a jump start on my day, I decide the best way to wake up is with some belly giggles.  So I was sitting around on my dryer, you know just getting warmed up for the day and I look over to my cage, which I like to refer to as my “kitty condo” and I think to myself, let’s give these humans something to do.  So I notice one of the humans was cleaning my condo for me and suddenly they just left the area leaving my towel and litter box sitting out on the floor.  How dare them tend to another animal before finishing their duties for me.  Do they think I’m going to do my business right here, right in the open, right in the middle of the floor?  I am a lady for cat’s sake, I do not do the unmentionables for the whole world to see. So I decided for chuckles I would summon the humans to finish the job.  So oopsie daisies, I tipped over my litter box and I laid right down next to it so there would be no misunderstanding that yep, I did that.  What ya gonna do?  Oh, clean it….. thank you!!!!  There’s that belly laugh I was talking about, I sat back with a grin placed neatly under my whiskers as I watched the silly human clean up my mess and she kept saying “BeBe!!!! Look what you did!!!”  Yep I did that alright, what’s a lady gonna do tinkle in the open, I think not!  Best part of this whole story, this human went and rewarded me with some cat nip afterwards.  Oh I’ll have to tell you about that cat nip stuff on another day because right now I do believe it’s time for my third nap of the day, I mean it’s already 8 a.m.  Bye for meow!

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