Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Wonderhazards

Winter in Texas is finally here, so I’ve been told.  Of course that doesn’t mean it won’t be 70 degrees tomorrow.  I wanted to be sure to spread the word on how to keep my fellow fur friends warm this winter if they are exposed to the frigid weather conditions.  We all know I was blessed with this beautiful mocha and chocolate colored fur coat, but that is not enough when the temperature dips down below freezing. 
I know most people keep their own pets inside and safe with them bundled up next to the fire, sipping tuna flavored hot chocolate, but if you know of other pets outside that you can help, please follow these steps to help them make it through the winter. 
1.        Outside pets burn more energy in the winter trying to keep warm so you may need to increase the amount they are fed.
2.       Use a plastic water bowl so their tongues don’t get stuck to the bowl.  I know you saw the movie The Christmas Story with the kid and the pole, right?  Well this could happen to pets too.  I know you can’t get the image out of your head now.
3.       Check their water bowls frequently to make sure they have fresh and unfrozen water.  Us pets don’t need our drinks on the rocks, lol.
4.       Create a warm space for the outdoor animals sheltered from the wind.  You can always add cedar shavings or straw to help keep them warm and you want their bed to be elevated from the ground to keep out wetness should it rain.
5.       A very important tip during the cold weather pertains to Antifreeze.  That stuff sure taste good to us animals, but it could be life threatening.  Why is all the good stuff poisonous to us?  First I’m told no chocolate and now Antifreeze is off limits too!  So be sure to keep Antifreeze cleaned up in the driveways because I know Bubba down the street, well he’s not real bright, and he may take a lick or two not realizing the consequences.  
6.       The last tip I want to give is really important.  So I had an Uncle Joe who had curled up to take a nap under the hood of a neighbor’s car as it was so warm and cozy.  The warmest place Uncle Joe could find he said.  He was in a really good slumber taking a catnap when luckily that neighbor knocked on his hood before he got in his car and started it up.  Uncle Joe woke up in a flash and left his warm bed just in the nick of time.  That story could have ended very badly and Uncle Joe wouldn’t have been around to tell me that story, so please always knock on your hood to make sure your car is kitty free. While you’re at it you could tell a knock knock joke for giggles.  I mean who doesn’t like a good knock knock joke?
Knock Knock!
Who’s there? 
Claws who?
Santa Claws!!!!!

So I gave you advice on how to help my fellow fur friends out this winter and I told you a joke, so I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to write out my Christmas list meow, so I will catch up to you guys later. Want to make sure Santa Claws brings me some catnip this year.  I hope you all have a very Meowey Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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