Friday, October 20, 2017

Halloween Insight by Boo-tiful Bebe!

I wish I may, I wish I might, have the pleasure of giving you Halloween Safety Insight. It is that time of year again when kids dress up, candy is passed out and everyone wants to enjoy Halloween night. With a little help from me, we can make sure your pet’s Halloween is done just right and with little fright.
Listen up meow, below you will find tips for a spooktacular holiday. Just simply read and follow these rules to avoid boostakes that may come your way.
1.       Keep all cats indoors and especially black cats.  Word on the street is bad things can happen to cats that is better left unsaid.
2.       Do not leave candy out where pets can partake in the ohhhh so yummy sweets. Chocolate is poison and trips to the Pet ER would not be a fun way to spend your night or money.
3.       Make sure all pets are locked up so they do not escape when the creaking door is opened to fill the candy bags of the ghouls and goblins.
4.       Do not leave pets unattended in costumes that might be constricting or have parts that the pet may decide to chew off and cause gastrointestinal obstruction. Now I ask you to close your eyes and imagine putting a costume on a cat with something dangling in the back.  Do you see the cat doing circles chasing the uncatchable.  Now you might have two things to worry about. That would be one dizzy kitty, lol.
5.       Lit pumpkins can be a fire hazard if knocked over by a pet who is stressed from all the excitement, so be sure they are not in your pet’s vicinity.

Now that I have taken care of the safety of my fellow feline and canine buddies, I would like to share a little side note on the trick or treaters.  Many people get upset when they see teenagers come to their door with their bag wide open looking for you to toss in a treat or two.  Meow I know, some may roll their eyes and get purrrrturbed, but remember kids have to grow up fast and most parents would rather have their teens out enjoying their youth doing something innocent and fun than to be out hanging with the wrong crowd and getting in trouble.  So if these teens show up at your door and have put an effort forth to dress up, when you place the candy in their bag, know you are helping a parent have a good night versus them dealing with a teenager up to no good. Happy Halloween to all my Be-Believers out there and I hope you too have a fang-tastic Halloween evening. 

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