Friday, December 8, 2017

Join the cause to prevent frosty paws!

The cold weather has finally arrived.  Well I say that, but next week I hear this fur coat will not be the right attire AGAIN. Either way today it is cold and tomorrow you never know. What I do know, it is time to go over the winter hazards to make sure all my fellow fur friends are well taken care of this winter.
There are so many things to cover when it comes to winter safety, so hopefully I do a good job. I have been thinking about it since I saw the humans bring out the hot cocoa topped off with fluffy marshmallows. So pay attention meow, you won’t want to skim through this one.  There are many pets who reside outside and even though you never know what the Texas weather holds for us, you can be certain without much warning we can wake up to freezing temperatures so please make sure outside pets have shelter from the cold wind.  You can put blankets in their home or even give them a little extra cushion with some hay to help keep them warm. Also make sure these shelters are protected from precipitation and do not allow water to get in them.  Do not leave heated blankets or heating pads out for pets because they could chew through wires and get electrocuted or even burned by these items.  Antifreeze is deadly so please, please make sure you do not have a leak or spill any in the drive way because us pets think antifreeze is a delicious treat. In addition, there is another car hazard that is very important to remember.  Cats will climb up under the hoods of your car and turning your car on can become deadly.  Please bang on your hood once or twice before starting your car to make sure it is free of animals looking for shelter. If you have short haired dogs it never hurts to buy them their own coat if you are taking them on walks or if they will be outside for more than a few minutes.  Booties are not only adorably cute, but can protect your dog’s paws from the cold concrete and avoid any salt crystals that someone may have sprinkled down from getting into their paw pads. Lastly we know this month comes with much celebration and decorations that can be harmful to your pets as well.  Be sure during parties the pets cannot partake in the food or alcohol.  Tinsel and garland can be choking hazards for pets of all sizes.  Yes, I know my picture shows me enjoying the sparkly red garland, but I promise, I was supervised at all times.  Ornaments and balls on your Christmas tree may look like a fun toy for us critters and may result in broken glass etc, so be on the lookout for naughty behavior and nip it in the bud.  Yes we too sometimes get naughty and forget Santa is watching. 

So I hope all my information was pawsitively helpful and you and all your family have a wonderful holiday and stay safe this winter.  I think I will doze off and dream of sugar plums and mice now as there are no creatures stirring and we have no mice in the clinic.  That is on the top of my Christmas list as I really want a mouse! Every year I ask for a mouse and I think Dr. Lorenz tells Santa that I was naughty because I have yet to see a mouse. So I will end this with Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night, I have mice to count. Those silly little guys just love jumping over the moon. 

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