Friday, April 20, 2018

I stand firm on NO to heartworms!

Hey Guys, sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve been napping a lot through the winter and just when I think spring is here, we get yet another cold spell.  Good ol’ Texas, you never know what you’re going to get.  Wish I could say that about my kitty feasts, but every day the same thing is served.  They say the food is therapeutic, so I guess my humans do know best.  Anyways because it is “supposed” to be warming up soon I figured I should take this opportunity to talk about something dear to my heart, heartworms!  I say it is dear to my heart, because if I didn’t receive my monthly heartworm prevention, I could get heartworms.  Did you know that there is no cure for heartworms in a cat?  Sudden death could occur if I was infected with just one heartworm!!! Meowsers!!!!
I wanted to go over some important facts to educat you.  Yes, I know how to spell, but today you will not be educated, you will learn facts from a cat which translates to educat.  See it’s not just good looks, all though I certainly am not lacking in that area as you can see.  So here we go, grab a pen and take notes folks.
1.       Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos.  We all know mosquitos might as well be the state bird here in Texas.  Due to our weather, we typically have mosquitos all year round in Texas. Let’s not forget mosquitos are indoor/outdoor nuisances, so it is important that all cats and dogs receive prevention.
2.       Again I repeat, there is no cure for heartworms in cats. One heartworm can be fatal.
3.       The expense to treat a dog for heartworms can cost from $1400-$2500.
4.       Treating your dog for heartworms can be uncomfortable and painful, not to mention the strict confinement for a month after each of the two treatments.
It is less expensive to be proactive than reactive.  Man when I rhyme like that, I just sound smart! It is best to protect your pet than to lose the bet.  See, I did it again, lol. I love this stuff. Anyways, we live in Texas, so I beg you, please give your cats and dogs their monthly dose of heartworm prevention.  There should be no excuses. Can you come up with a good reason not to protect your faithful furry friend?  Does the cat have your tongue?  No, the cat does not have your tongue, there is no good reason.  Look, my humans here do everything they can to save you money on the different heartworm preventions and they go as far as to send in rebates for you, so get in and pick up some heartworm prevention right meow and save a life.  

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