Friday, May 4, 2018

Bebe's Cinco De Mayo Flea-esta!

It’s Cinco De Mayo Party Time!  I love to celebrate with the bright colors, the festivities and great music. I might be what you would refer to as a party animal.  Yeah, this girl is full of jokes.  What I don’t want at my party is ticks or fleas.  We can dance until the sun goes down, but don’t bring any ticks or fleas with you or I will send you packin’. 
Let me tell you a little story about when I use to run with the fleas.  These fellas are not who you want to hang with.  They will suck you dry, live off of you and have no remorse.  In addition to this, these little guys will host parties of their own deep in your fur and scurry around making you itch like crazy keeping you up all hours of the night.  They think this is really funny to annoy their host or in my case hostess, but I see no humor in their shenanigans. Then they go invite their unwanted cousins over which are worse than them.  These cousins of theirs, refer to their gang as ticks.  These ticks think they are showing hospitality when they leave you with diseases and anemia.  I don’t want their hospitality, nor do I care to socialize with the likes of them.  If I didn’t make myself clear, I will spell it out for you, if you want to come to my party you better be F-L-E- A and T- I-C-K   F-R-E-E!
My humans here at the clinic, they understand not getting hooked up with the wrong crowd and help me out every month by giving me Revolution so I don’t have to fight the fight.  My dog friends around here use many other products including Trifexis and Nexgard to keep the fleas and ticks at bay.  Best part about these products is my humans at the vet clinic know how strongly I feel about this subject, so to do their part, they help their clients save on all three of these products.  If you buy 12 months of Nexgard with Heartgard you can save $50.00.  If you buy 12 months of Trifexis, you can save $50.  If you buy 12 months of Revolution, you can save $35.00.  So now that you are in the know, you can grab your sombrero, put on your dancing shoes and come party with me.  It’s sure to be a super-cat-tastic time.

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