Friday, December 7, 2018

Two Cats On A Dryer!

Season’s greetings my dear friends.  Today I get talk to you with my new side kick by my side, Bobbie.  I’ve always wanted a brother or sister to lay around with and do, well frankly, do nothing with.  My wish came true! Santa really is real and just happened to come early this year.  Dr. Lorenz had a cat named Bobbie, (because she is a bobtail), which I was told I do not get to make fun of her stub, and Bobbie stayed outside living a care free life enjoying the breeze, chasing the birds and well just being an overachieving athletic kitty.  Then one day Dr. Lorenz noticed she was not feeling well and brought her into the clinic.  She was having some kidney problems and was not feeling so well.  She stayed here for probably over a month, which in cat months is what I like to call a really long time. She received fluids and treatments and finally was doing better and to my surprise one of the girls here asked since she has been here so long, can we keep her?  Dr. Lorenz actually said YES!  They were afraid we wouldn’t get along, so for weeks they only let one of us out at a time.  This is not what having a sister is supposed to be like, me watching her walk around getting all the attention, I was not a happy camper.  Then one day someone decided, let’s see how they do together and it’s all history from there.
Bobbie is now my partner in crime.  What can we do to be mischievous? Unlike me, she likes to get out and take a stroll around the clinic and I am not usually one to fall into peer pressure, but I got to say, I saw her being adventurous and so I decided maybe I too might want to rub my scent in other areas of the clinic. However, this girl is crazy! When she sees people walking into the bathroom, she sprints down the hall to join them.  WHAAAAT!?! This is where I draw the line, I can wait until they get out, lol.  When she is not visiting the humans during the potty breaks, the two of us can be found on a regular occurrence warming up side-by-side on the dryer enjoying one of our many naps a day.  The best part is, I will get to spend my Christmas and New Years with a sister this year J.  Maybe if we are lucky, this will be the year we actually get the mouse I keep asking for each year and nobody seems to deliver on. I promise if I get a mouse this year, I WILL share.  We could play mouseball together.  That’s like football, but instead of a football, we will use our mouse.  I’ll go long and Bobbie will throw a hell Mary and I’ll catch the mouse, cross the goal line and I’ll be the MVP.  I can hear the roar of the crowd!!!!!
Well I hear Bobbie calling so I must go now.  I hope everyone has a purrrrfect holiday and they get everything they wished for.  Don’t forget the temperatures are dropping and we need to take care of our outside fur family and make sure they have a warm shelter.  As well, it is very important that I mention again that outside animals sometimes seek shelter under the hood of the cars, so please knock on your hood before cranking that baby up.  I leave you now with reciting a familiar poem to you that unfortunately in my world is so true.  “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, NOT EVEN A MOUSE.  Never mind, I will stop there until I get MY mouse. Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

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