Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Proheart 12 Has Arrived!

It’s been a while guys, but something has come about that I want to shout from the roof tops, or should I say from the top of the warm dryer where I am laying right now.  PROHEART 12 is finally here!!!! Means nothing to me as a feline, but all my dawgs from the block can benefit from this.  So I have found it seems to be human nature to be forgetful.  Definitely human nature, because I remember everything.  Like I remember back when the clinic decided to get a new clinic cat Bobbi and then I could hear all the clients talking about how friendly she is and they all ask what happened to her tail, yeah I remember the day I was told I am getting a bunk mate. Anyways, these humans don’t mean to, but they do forget things from time to time and why should they have to remember to give a heartworm prevention pill or treat each month when they can come in and get one injection and be done for the whole year? 
So these are the fast facts as I see it.  One injection lasts one whole year!!! It only takes one mosquito to cause heartworm disease and your pet could die. The lovely people here at the clinic decided why don’t we give the clients a savings and came up with the idea to charge for 11 months of prevention, yet you get protection for 1 FULL YEAR for your best friend.  Then to throw the cherry on top of this sweet deal, the company Zoetis the makers of Proheart 12 has Pet Rewards and you can get $20 back on a credit card to be used for anything here in the clinic.  That means, you can buy food, put it towards an exam, refill a prescription or if you really wanted to, you could buy treats for me and reward me for my fabulous education, LOL.  They don’t call it a Rewards card for nothing.  Just kidding, I work for free, but you could buy some treats with your rewards and take them home and make your pets work for them.
Come on in guys, get your dawg protected with Proheart 12 today!!!

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