Thursday, October 6, 2016

Purrrty Teeth

Today, I get to report to all my blog followers that there is great stuff going on around here in October.  I wanted to tell you about Dental Specials going on this month. I see all my furry friends coming in to get pearly whites, but what they don’t know is they are not entering a best smile contest, they are here to improve their health.  Silly kitties and dogs think it’s all about looking good.  Well it’s not! I mean I look fabulous and I take real good care of my teeth, so yes I would win the best smile contest, but I am here to educate my fellow fur friends about the importance of dentals and tell the humans how they can save money in October.
So let’s discuss all the benefits of having a dental cleaning. Yes healthy teeth equal better breath, which is a good thing, I don’t want my breath smelling like tuna tarts. There is also the benefit of having retained baby teeth removed so they don’t cause problems in the future. You know us dogs and cats are very stoic and we try to put on a happy face, but unfortunately, we may not let you know we have a tooth ache until it is severe and requires more detailed dental work. Losing teeth can be very painful and that is something I know I don’t ever want to feel. What most pets and humans don’t know, I’m about to educate you on.  Wait for it, wait for it…..Dental disease leads to other health problems.  That’s right, if you don’t take care of your teeth you can hurt your internal organs!  Swallowing all that bacteria is bad for your body.  Humans take care of their teeth, why shouldn’t our teeth be taken care of?

Now that I have educated the humans and their pet companions, don’t you want to set up a dental and save 10% on all dental services?  You can even save 10% on the lab work that checks your pet’s organs to make sure they can process the anesthesia.  Not to mention any dental items you purchase you will also save 10%.  Appointments are very limited and booking up fast so call and schedule as quick as a cat runs up a tree with a dog on its tail. Are you ready for my jingle?  Call us meow to schedule a dental at 972-699-7387.

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