Friday, June 29, 2018

Red, White and Blue Tips Just For You!

Kaboom!!! Are you ready to celebrate this Independence Day?  Yell it from the rooftops and tell people how proud you are to live in this great country of ours.  Mingle with your family, stuff your face (that’s my favorite part), and light up the night sky.  This is my kind of holiday!  If you are a firecracker like myself, you will celebrate until the neighbors come by and say “Enough is enough, some of us have to work tomorrow.”  Of course I don’t have to work, well other than looking good I don’t have to work the following day, so I say it is once a year, have a blast people.  I will live through all you guys considering the fact is, I will be here in the clinic tucked away in my little condo.  I do love to hear the stories the following day from the humans about all the beautiful fireworks they saw and I lick my lips as I hear them talk about barbeque, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and potato salad, oh my! Can you make a plate for this girl?
However, as always I am an eduCATor, so I must fulfill my duty in informing you of how to celebrate safely.  I know as fun as this holiday is for the humans, it can be quite stressful for some of my fellow four-legged friends.  Some of the pets out there may require prescription medications to help sedate them, which you can pick up here from the clinic. Some may say they are scaredy-cats, but I don’t like that term because, HEY, many of them are dogs you know. Why do we have to label it as if it is just cats??? Either way please make sure your furry friend is not overly stressed.  I always advise to lock the pets up in a room so they don’t get scared and dart out into the night of brightly colorful skies.  And if you happen to have an Uncle Joe that thinks blowing stuff up is fun, please keep an eye on this guy.  This is the guy who ends up losing his eyebrows.  No fun 4th of July ended with someone saying “That was really cool when we set the house on fire,” so please take precautions to be safe.  Lastly, I know how bad I would like to partake in your yummy feast, but remember many of these foods are not good for us furry bundles of joy, so please make sure the pets cannot get into the food or beverages.  Let’s face it, we are quick and by the time you catch us sneaking a bite or two, we will flee so fast you might question if you really saw a cat with his paw in the ranch dip and a potato chip hanging out of his mouth. 
So as I let you go so I can take my 5th cat nap of the day, I want to quote Pete Marshall and give you a little wisdom.  “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”  Happy 4th of July guys, please be safe! Kaboom!!!! And just like that the Queen Bebe is gone!

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